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Enjoy your own special night at Shibuya at STANDING BAR MILAS!!
Renting plan Gurunavi

Pricing system Standing bar MILAS

Standing bar free to leave and re-enter, Introducing LUXURY STAND MILAS Shibuya.

Pricing system

Price list of the Standing Bar

At LUXURY STAND MILAS, customers can enjoy the standing bar with all you can drink option with unlimited time. Furthermore, for the store you entered, you can freely leave and re-enter on that day.

Male Female
Time / freely leave and re-enter 18:00~5:00 18:00~5:00
Price / unlimited time, all you can drink 2,500 Yen 1,500 Yen
Price / unlimited time, PREMIUM all you can drink 3,500 Yen 2,500 Yen

1,000 Yen 3 DRINK Price Menu

Male Female
Service hours (Free to leave and re-enter) 18:00~5:00 18:00~5:00
Price (3 DRINK) 1,000 Yen 1,000 Yen

How to use

1 How to Pay
Please select an ALL YOU CAN DRINK service option at the entrance counter upon entering the building and pay before getting your first drink.
2 Ordering your Drinks
After paying, you are free to select any drink from the ALL YOU CAN DRINK menu. Please ask the bartender for the drink of your choice.
3 Ordering your Food
Please note that there is additional charge for ordering food. Please also pay upfront for each food order at the counter.
4 Regarding re-entry
Once you pay, you are free to leave and re-enter the building during opening hours for the night. When leaving the bar, please ask for a stamp to your hand which you will be required to show upton re-entering the bar.

Important Notice

About entering the bar
・We strictly prohibit the enter of Male under 20 years old, Female under 20 years old.
・We kindly ask for all customers to show their photo ID (either driver’s license, passport, resident card)
・not allow customers to enter without their ID.
・We currently also do not allow for customers who are excessively drunk, or who belong to anti-social forces.
・As a dress code, we currently do not allow clothing/outfit that do not suit the atmosphere of the bar (such as half-pants, tank top, sweat, sandals, tattoos, clothes with holes)
・If a customer is not considered to be appropriate to our bar by the staff member, we may deny your visits to the bar in the future.

About manners
・We kindly decline the visits of individuals who have an attitude or behavior that causes inconvenience to customers around them.

About alcohol
・We do not serve alcohol to customers who are excessively drunk.

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言語 / Language

日本語 English

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