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Enjoy your own special night at Shibuya at STANDING BAR MILAS!!
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About MILAS, ALL YOU CAN DRINK Standing Bar enjoyable with unlimited time

Tokyo・Shibuya. Introducing LUXURY STAND MILAS, a stand bar in the centre of the city.

About Shibuya Standing bar LUXURY STAND MILAS

Introducing LUXURY STAND MILAS Shibuya, a street-level stand bar at Shibuya Center-gai.

Standing bar enjoyable for ALL YOU CAN DRINK with unlimited time

You can drink all you want at a standing style bar lounge which is a hot topic nowadays. Furthermore, you have unlimited time! You can enjoy a true bar lounge at a reasonable price.

Wide range of drink menu can be enjoyed too

A rich amount of menu is prepared for the all you can drink beverages. Of course, we also prepare soft drink menu as well.

Standing bar free to leave and re-enter

Once you pay your bills, you can freely leave and re-enter MILAS. Such as using us as your first bar on the night, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy Shibuya.

Latest bar lounge in Shibuya for unlimited fun

MILAS is full of customers such as female customers enjoying the comfort of the bar and customers seeking for some exciting experience. Find new encounters at the latest bar!

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